Saturday, November 26, 2011

Welcome to Good Tastes!

I am so very excited to welcome you to Good Tastes, a blog devoted to healthy and tasty recipes created by or modified by me, Teresa. I'm just your average working mom looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle a little more each day. I have no formal training in cooking, other than knowing what I think tastes good -- something that makes us all experts. I strive to make eating healthy exciting and something to look forward to.

If this is your first time to Good Tastes, I invite you to visit the About page to learn more about what you will find (and what you won't) at Good Tastes. You can also find links to some of my favorite food blogs, from which I get lots of great ideas and inspiration, on the Blog Roll page.

Be sure to check out the Weight Loss Journey page for a peek at my personal journey with Weight Watchers.

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