Welcome to Good Tastes.  My name is Teresa.  As a Weight Watcher, I began compiling some great recipes from friends, websites and blogs in an effort to make my healthier habits more exciting.  Then I began trying my hand at my own creations.  Some good, some not so good, and some great.  I've been sharing lots of these recipes with friends and family -- and now you!

What You'll Find at Good Tastes 
Here, you'll find some recipes to try and enjoy.  You'll also periodically find tips, reviews of gadgets and cooking tools I like, guest chefs with their own tasty concoctions to share and lots of encouragement.  Because, as we all know, getting healthier is much more fun with friends.

What You Won't Find at Good Tastes
Pressure.  Judgement.  Professional photos of my food (unless you'd like to graciously send me a new, fancy camera).  I will likely not include step-by-step photos in most recipe posts either.  I'm a mom, wife and work full-time during the day.  So my recipes will be made in real time in hopes of getting my family fed quickly!  So I don't plan to have my camera at the ready except for the finished product.  On occasion, I'll try and get in some "action shots."